One school. One faculty. One curriculum. Two campuses.

At the KU School of Pharmacy’s Wichita campus, it’s not what separates us from the Lawrence campus that makes us unique; it’s what connects us. Located 160 miles southwest of the main campus, students at the Wichita campus study alongside their Lawrence counterparts every day. High definition video conferencing and classrooms equipped with microphones at both ends allow the state-of-the-art technology to be secondary to the educational experience.

Whether the lecture or lab demonstration originates in Wichita, Lawrence or the KU Medical Center in Kansas City, students at each campus receive the same nationally recognized education. They are held to the same high standards that has put the KU School of Pharmacy among the country’s most elite pharmacy programs.

Our new Wichita campus, located at the University of Kansas School of Medicine—Wichita, supports an enrollment of up to 40 new students each year. Our growing contingent of full-time and part-time pharmacy practice and basic science faculty provide exceptional educational opportunities in the pharmaceutical sciences.

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